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The first of its kind in Doha, the Spa Wave experience provides key benefits such as mindfulness, meditation, and deep-relaxation techniques. Special music, which is applied through gentle acoustic waves with binaural sounds, effects a completely new antistress-experience during a 30 or 60 minute sound treatment. The therapy is based on the Quantum Harmonic Sound therapy. Clinical studies carried out by independent researchers and laboratories have proven the effectiveness immediately after the first treatment.


30/60 minutes | QAR 250/450

The Spa Wave is in a single treatment room where you can get any type of treatment from the Spa menu. You may choose to have your treatment on the Spa Wave bed. Any treatment outcome will be improved using Spa Wave. You may also choose to go on a sleep retreat with the Spa Wave therapy relaxation beds.
*Spa Days programs are available on this state-of-the-art Spa Wave bed